Friday, May 04, 2007


I'm Not Allowed Toys in the House. We must go OUTSIDE to Play.

But because Person is out Dog Listening all the time, Person says we are Getting Away With Murder.

The rug slides across the wood floor when I chase Monty the Mont and when Monty the Mont chases Marmite and when Marmite chases me to get the Toy. Then I Get Into Trouble.

On Monday Person came home smelling of Patterdale. Patterdale is called Ruby. Ruby does Vertical Take-Off. This is Ruby.

On Tuesday Person came home smelling of two Bull Mastiffs called Max and Macy.

Everyone was IGNORING Max because Max was Clamouring for Attention. Max has a Very Big Head.

Here is Macy Keeping Out of Trouble.

I don't always Keep Out of Trouble. I quite like Trouble. It's better than being IGNORED.

Anyway, I don't need to do Vertical Take-Off because I'm Tall. Monty the Mont doesn't need to do Vertical Take-Off because he's Tall also.

Marmite isn't Tall, but Marmite is too FAT to do Vertical Take-Off.

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  1. You sound like you all have great fun. Your person just doesn't understand. Dogs like to frolic. I know. So do Bears....

    have a look at my video today for example- it's my birthday so a frolic was in order....