Thursday, April 26, 2007

Isolated from The Pack

Person came home smelling of Italian Spinone yesterday evening.

Italian Spinone didn't smell like Green Pasta though. It smelt of Big Puppy called Monty. But Monty Spinone doesn't look like Monty the Mont at all. Monty Spinone is Pale Grey. Monty the Mont is Black.

Monty Spinone has Very Big Feet which means he will grow into a Very Big Dog.

Person also came home smelling of Dexter who lives with Monty Spinone. Dexter is a Flatcoat Retriever and he is Black (just like Monty the Mont).

Dexter once saw some Persons having a Picnic in a Field. I would love a Picnic in a Field. Dexter came back with two Ham Sandwiches. Picnic Persons were standing up and shouting.

Person Dog Listener has been to see Dexter, so when Dexter gets Too Big for his Boots he is ISOLATED from The Pack. He goes into the Kitchen All By Himself for a little while. When Monty Spinone gets Too Big for his Boots he will be ISOLATED from the Pack for a minute in the Study.

Monty Spinone needs Very Big Boots because he has Very Big Feet.

When I get Too Big for my Boots I am ISOLATED from The Pack in the Hall. Then I go into the Bedroom because the door doesn't shut and I eat Tissues from the Bin.

I know that Person won't ISOLATE me from The Pack for long, even though she is a Dog Listener.

Person Loves me really.

Anyway, Person doesn't trust me in the Bedroom.

Here is a Dog Sandwich- Me with Marmite and Monty the Mont.

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