Sunday, April 08, 2007

Rottie Puppy

This morning Person said to He-Person Your mobile isn't in the Field. What she really meant was Pip didn't take your mobile, see?

Love Me Tender Love Me True was coming from He-Person's mobile - from Upstairs. (Upstairs is where He-Person was shouting BLOODY REF at the TV yesterday while She-Person was out Dog Listening).

Person came home smelling Very Interesting Indeed. She smelt of Puppy. A Rottweiller Puppy called Sasha. I sniffed Person's Shoe Lace for a Long Time because it smelt of Rottie Puppy Chewing.

Sasha has Two SPOTS. they are little Brown Spots, one over each of her Eyes.

Sasha does three things mostly. She sleeps, she plays, and she Grabs Trouser Legs. Sometimes she makes Little Holes in the trousers. Sometimes she Grabs Person Skin too.

When Sasha is asleep she looks like a Little Angel. When Sasha is Awake she is sometimes like a Little Devil.

Now Sasha's Persons are IGNORING her when Sasha is Naughty. Sometimes they put her OUT All By Herself. Sometimes they WALK RIGHT OUT and leave Sasha All Alone. Sasha doesn't like being All Alone, though she may Pretend she doesn't mind.

Soon Sasha will Stop Grabbing Trouser Legs. Soon Sasha will be a Very Happy Rottie Puppy. Soon Sasha's Persons will be Very Happy Persons and soon Sasha's Boy-Person James will be able to Play with Sasha again.

Anyway, if Sasha saw He-Person's mobile she would have taken it away to Chew, like I chewed the Remote Control once. But that is because she is only a Puppy.

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she's so cute!

    Our neighbours have a puppy. We can't make out what type yet. Either a black lab or a retriever of some sort. He looks very labradorish but only has short legs. He's called Olly.... and is as cute as Sasha here.