Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Jumping Jack Russell

Yesterday my Person came home smelling of a Jack Russell called Champ.

Poor Champ Jumps Up in the Air to catch flies, or Runs round and round in circles, even when there are no flies. He just Can't Stop himself from Jumping Up in the Air and Running round and round in circles.

Person called Champ Come and Person gave him one of her Special Dog Listening Treats. Then Champ started Jumping Up in the Air again.

Here is a picture of Champ trying to catch a fly.

Champ's Person now understands how to help Champ. Soon he will be able to Lie About and Chill.

I am now Lying About and Chilling on the door mat in the sun, with Monty the Mont and with Marmite.

Person keeps her Special Dog Listening Treats in a plastic tub in her Dog Listening bag.

Yesterday Person left her Dog Listening bag on the floor. I could smell Special Dog Listening Treats through the plastic tub.

Anyway, Person found another plastic tub and some more Special dog Listening treats.

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