Saturday, April 07, 2007

Mobile Phone

He-Person has lost his Mobile Phone.

He-Person says he left his Mobile Phone on the chair.

She-Person was out Dog Listening again. He-Person was watching Sport on TV and he was doing a lot of shouting BLOODY REF. When He-Person watches Sport on TV he does NOT Watch me. He does NOT watch Monty the Mont and he does NOT watch Marmite.

When She-Person came home I heard her saying I don't suppose it's OUTSIDE in the field. Tomorrow morning when it's light Persons will look to see if He-Person's Mobile Phone is in our field. I shall be Very Quiet and Very Good tomorrow morning. (I always get the blame - like I did with the Remote Control).

Anyway, Person saw another SPOTTY Dog today. But this SPOTTY Dog was ENORMOUS. Lots and LOTS of BLACK SPOTS and a Very Big SAD Face. He is called Tarquin. Tarquin's SPOTS are SO BIG they run into other SPOTS. He is the BIGGEST SPOTTY DOG that Person has Ever Seen.

I still have never seen a SPOTTY Dog. Only Spotty Persons. The ENORMOUS SPOTTY Dog was called Tarquin. Here he is:

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  1. Hey! Happy Easter from Sunny Colchester.

    Bob :@}