Saturday, April 21, 2007

Failing to Comply

Person had a letter from Cambridgeshire Constabulary.

The letter says Person Failed to Comply with the Speed Limit. This is the SECOND time Person has Failed to Comply with the Speed Limit.

Person can only Fail to Comply with the Speed Limit one more time. If she Fails to Comply with the Speed Limit MORE than one more time, then there will be No More Dog Listening.

If Person did NO More Dog Listening, then Person could take me out for HUNTING, SNIFFING and MARKING instead. She could take out Monty the Mont, and Marmite too.

Persons don't Go Marking and Persons don't Go Sniffing. They just do 'Walks' because they 'feel like it' because the sun is shining.


Person is Not Happy with me today. I Failed to Comply with Person's Garden Limits.

When Person was out Dog Listening I made another HOLE in the fence. So now Person is now IGNORING ME for a..l o n g..t i m e.

Anyway, if Person keeps on Failing to Comply with the Speed Limit, Person can't go out Dog Listening any more and I shall not make HOLES in the fence any more.

I am trying to have a Very SORRY and COMPLIANT Look on my Face.

Here is Noola with Dizzy. Dizzy has a Very RESIGNED Look on her Face. Perhaps Noola is Failing to Comply with Dizzy's Patience Limits.

Here is George who Person did Dog Listening with yesterday.

George has a Very SMUG Look on his Face because George is Failing to Comply with Person's Dog Listening Limits.

George is now sitting in Person's chair. Person gently pushed George away all evening and Ignored him.

But then Person stood up.

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  1. Oh dear! You all look a bit grumpy! I hope you all get tummy rubs soon!

    Daddy has had two Failures To Comply With Speed Limits. Actually, he should have had three, but one Speed camera suffered from Failure To Send Out Failure To Comply With Speed Limit Notices.