Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Been at the Vet all day in a cage

I was going to tell you about Marmite today but i'm....too....sleepy......

Yesterday evening I was annoying Monty the Mont as I always do when he doesn't want to play, to make him chase me. He can never catch me unless he and Marmite both gang up on me. This time they get me into a corner. I saw a gap by the wire fence that I could escape through....

OUCH ...wire sticking out....I had a big hole in myself. There was BLOOD.

I knew it was serious because my Person took me straight to the vet who said something about Stitches but for some reason sent me home again because I'd had my dinner.

So, no breakfast this morning and back to the vet's where I was put in a cage. BORING. No food. No playing. A cat was mewing and yowling. I couldn't chase it. In the afternooon someone came to say hello to me and I went all sleepy. When I woke up voices were very loud. I was still in the cage. The cat was gone. Then my Person came to get me. Can I walk? I can remember just getting into the car before falling asleep again.

So now I'm at home. I'm allowed scrambled egg but I'm not hungry. Monty and Marmite keep sniffing me. They want to play with me now but I can't be bothered. So I'll tell you all ...about ... Marmite ...tomorrow.......


  1. Get well soon Pip!! xxx

  2. How are you feeling today Pippy? Are you up and about yet? I hope your persons are treating you well and giving you lots of yummy treats!