Sunday, September 24, 2006

Shut Outside

Yesterday was meant to be a Red Letter Day. Luke who is one of my Person's sons, came home with Lovely Louise.

Lovely Louise is going to have a BABY. At a place like my vet's where Persons go, they looked inside her and they told here it's going to be a girl (I'm told we can only call dogs Bitches. Marmite is a Bitch). Strange there is only one Baby Person. I think there were 7 Baby Cubs with me inside my mum.
Here is a picture of us shut OUTSIDE.

We were OUTSIDE for such a long time that when we came in we got Too Excited and my Person got cross.
Lovely Louise doesn't really like me. She is a bit scared of me (of me!!) We did all try to jump all over her and lick her to show her that we love her, but we were just shut OUTSIDE again.

Person says we are Very Good Dogs at Person Training, but Bad Dogs at home when we have visitors. But we love people coming to our house.

We don't wear collars because Monty the Mont used to chew through all Magic's collars. She just lay there and let him do it. My Person is going to get us all Special Collars to wear when People Come. She says that as soon as we jump up she will drag us outside and shut the door. We will then STAY OUTSIDE.

She says she will TRAIN us to leave people alone if it kills her so I must try very hard to be GOOD next time.

So it started as a Red Letter Day but it ended as rather a Blue Day.

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  1. Oh dear Pip, you need to behave for your persons or you wont be allowed to join in, especially with the BABY on the way!