Thursday, September 28, 2006

My She-Person

I know you must be wondering why I haven't told you about my She-Person yet.

She-Person RESCUED me.

Person does lots of things for us, but she always makes us WAIT.

In the morning when we want to get up she makes us WAIT. We watch her putting on her shoes. We WAIT. Then she says GOOD MORNING DOGS and makes a big fuss of us. We go straight outside to check where the black and white CAT has been during the night while I've been shut in.

Then Person puts our breakfast out and we have to WAIT.

Sometimes Persons take us out in the car. We have to SIT and WAIT first. (Marmite usually pretends that she can't jump up into the car. She likes being lifted up best. But sometimes Person shouts UP UP UP UP UP and she leaps in with no trouble at all). When the car stops we just can't Wait to get out for a run. But we HAVE to WAIT.

Person sometimes takes us for WALKS along the road. This is to teach us to BEHAVE and NOT PULL. She takes us one at a time.

This is really a PERSON WALK, not a DOG WALK. Dogs don't do Walks just for sake of Going for Walks. Persons do that.

WALKS for DOGS are Runs and Sniffs and Chases and Hunts. I sometimes go to a very large field with Monty the Mont and Marmite where we can HUNT for RABBITS.

Persons take us to Training Classes and we have to do a lot of WAITS. I'll tell you about Person Training classes another time, but I'm a Very Good Dog at Training. Persons didn't take us to Training yesterday because Linsey (who tells everybody what to do and who also says a lot of WAITS) has been away for two weeks. Linsey will be missing me and I've not been able to show her my Wound. Anyway it might be too late when she gets back because my Wound is going away now.

She-Person RESCUED me when I was 9 weeks old. It was only going to be until I was Better and was Found a Home.

When I was Better she just kept me.

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