Saturday, September 23, 2006

When is Pet EAR month?

I would like a Pet EAR month. I could do EARS for a whole month. I could do inside-out ears for a whole month because my Person just always has to 'Put Ears Right'. She does it gently and pretends to scold me. I like it. (She also Puts Marmite and Monty the Mont's Ears Right too because we all have labrador ears. Mine are sandy coloured, Monty the Mont's are black and Marmite's are very brown).

I like the smell of ears. I think my Person likes the smell of mine.

Here is a picture of my inside-out ear (and you can just see my Wound).

I know Persons have Hearing Dogs for Persons who CAN'T HEAR, and Blind Guide dogs (that's not Blind dogs) for Persons who CAN'T SEE.

They call dogs like me SIGHT Hounds because I can SEE very well. Should I be Guiding Persons who CAN'T SEE, do you think?

I know I'm a good HEARING Hound as well. I can hear everything Persons say. Most of it is nonsense. Some talking I do understand but pretend I don't. Some talking I don't understand but pretend I do (words like 'The Dogs' and 'Out' make us all leap about because just sometimes Persons then say "Oh, alright then").

There are some words I often pretend not to understand: Sit, Stay, Wait, Down, Stand, Come and LEAVE IT.

When I'm being a Very Good Dog I do understand all these words.

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