Monday, September 18, 2006

Monty the Mont, my black labrador step-brother

Today I shall tell you a little about Monty the Mont, my black labrador step-brother (I told you a bit about myself yesterday, so I shall now introduce you to my pack).

I keep hearing my Person telling the other Persons at Person Training Classes (they call them Dog Training Classes ha ha) that Monty the Mont is neurotic. She says it's all because of WHAT
HAPPENED when he was a tiny cub. His mother (funny - she was a yellow colour, his father was brown and all the puppies were black), well his mother had a big bandage on her leg when my Persons went to fetch Monty at 8 weeks old. The Rottweiller who guarded the farmyard where Monty was born used to get out during the day and attacked his mother and went for the puppies.

When Monty came to live with my Persons in their pack I wasn't born. There was just a German Shepherd living here and she was called Magic. Well, soon after Monty came here at about 8 weeks old he tried to suckle Magic. She didn't like that! She nipped him quite gently but he went balistic as though the Rottie was after him and ran around the room SCREAMING. Because Monty was running and screaming, Magic turned on him like hunting a rabbit and both my Persons had to fight with her to save him. He wasn't actually hurt, but he was so traumatised that he slept for a whole day and a whole night and wouldn't eat.

The Persons kept them apart for a while and then watched over them when they were together, and Monty and Magic soon became the best of friends.

Unfortunately Magic died when he was only about a year old. That was his third big TRAUMA. For days he kept looking for her all the time. He cried and wet on the floor if he was ever left alone even for a minute (I would never do that, would I).

So, that's when my Persons got Marmite (who has the same father as Monty - so she's his half-sister), to keep him company and so they could go out and leave him. Monty is still a bit wary of new dogs he's not met. My Person says he's 'on the defensive'. Sadly, being 'on the defensive' failed him his Bronze Good Citizenship test (Marmite and I have got both Bronze AND Silver now so he will need to catch up won't he).

Monty the Mont is the He-Person's favourite but I think my She Person loves me best. She says she loves us all the same. At our classes the other dogs love Marmite the best.

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