Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Persons Next Door

My Person says Sue and Peter are Neighbours From Heaven.

Their garden isn't a Dog Proof garden so we aren't allowed to go in there.

Peter is an Artist. He has SCULPTURES all around his garden. They aren't real things at all (not like digging forks). When we look up at Sue and Peter's garden from the field there is a row of Sculptures along the fence, guarding it.

Our garden doesn't need Sculptures to guard it. My Persons have Me (and Monty the Mont - and Marmite).

Peter's Sculptures don't keep the black and white CAT out though! I'm much better than a Sculpture for keeping the Cat out. (They have tried using smelly spray stuff, they have put spikes on top of their fence and they have a little box in their garden that makes a funny noise - all to keep the cat away. None of them work). The cat frightens the birds and Sue and Peter feed lots of birds. They can even tell the difference between different kinds of birds.

I think they need ME in their garden to CHASE the Cat.

The other day Cat nearly caught a fat Pigeon - on their bird table. Sue saw it through the window.

I quite like chasing pigeons too - and geese - but I can only fly when I'm lying on the sofa dreaming in my sleep (my Person says I make funny squeaking noises and my legs twitch). CATS are best to Chase because they are so ANNOYING.

Cats sometimes just Sit and Stare, out of reach. CAT is free to go anywhere it likes, in other people's gardens or over the road or into the field, but I'm not.

Sue and Peter like Birds more than Dogs - even more than me. They like Birds much much MUCH more than Cats.

Each afternoon Sue calls out to my Person "Tea or Coffee?" and Person goes through a little gate and leaves us. That was when I chewed the remote control the other day. Person was also doing Tea or Coffee with Sue when I did my Wound.

Sue hasn't come round into our garden for a long time. That's because she has had a Hip Operation. (My Person's friend has a golden labrador called Robin who had a Hip Operation because he had Hip Dysplasia).

My Person loves Sue (and Peter). I think they love her as well. Sue and Peter also love us really, but not enough to let us to chase the Cat around their garden.

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  1. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Hello Pip, thanks for saying so many nice things about us. We often say how good it would be to have you to chase the CAT. We are just a bit worried that you might get so excited that you think Everything is a CAT, including our delicate plants! Sometimes we see a light brown streak going across the field and we think that must be Pip, the super dog, the fastest runner south of The Wash! Best wishes from the Neighbour Persons.