Thursday, September 28, 2006

The He-Person in my Pack

I have told you now about us the three dogs, and about our Neighbours from Heaven, so now you will want to know about my He-Person.

Here he is watching TV with Monty the Mont. He likes watching TV - especially Sport and Films. Most especially he likes watching Football.

I can't see the point of Football myself. Nobody keeps the ball. When I play ball I do like to keep it. When I play with my She-Person she at least lets me keep it for a little while. I would like to be in that field with all those men and that ball. Then I could make the game FUN.

My She-Person would like Football if I was playing in it. (I would have to wait a bit until my Wound goes).

The He-Person used to live a long way away in New Zealand with lots of Kiwis. Kiwis can't fly very well so I would be able to chase them better than pigeons and geese. They call Persons Kiwis as well in New Zealand!

Kiwi Persons like another Sport better than Football. Rugby. My He-Person LOVES Rugby. This is a better game because they can keep the ball for a little while. When the He-Person watches Rugby he shouts a lot. THUMP THEM and BLOODY REF and OFFSIDE OFFSIDE THAT WAS OFFSIDE.

I used to think he was shouting at me. He does sometimes. THAT BLOODY PIP. Kiwi Persons say BLOODY a lot though it doesn't really mean Bloody - not like my Wound was when I did it.

He loves me really, especially when I cuddle up to him. He then says to my She-Person - "Look at that Bloody Pip, will you!"

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