Friday, September 22, 2006

Pet Smile Month

I saw a poster at the vet's. It said 'Pet Smile Month'. Smile for a MONTH? I'm glad it's just for one month. When dogs show their teeth to me I know it really means 'BE WARNED'.

Persons smile. Dogs don't.

My Person says Periodontal Disease represents a huge source of infection for the rest of the body - kidneys, heart valves, liver and lungs. Yuk.

I'd prefer to have my Wound (which is Coming Along Nicely).

Teeth are for CHEWING, not smiling.

Person wasn't smiling yesterday when she came back home and saw the remote control. I was a Very Bad Dog. Although I can't smile, I can look very very sorry. I do a very good Hang Dog look. I had a nice cuddle later and looked smiley though it's nothing to do with my teeth. I then let my Person pull my mouth open and she says my teeth are lovely because I'm only young.

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