Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Marmite, the chocolate labrador in my pack

I was a Very Lucky Dog my Person keeps saying. The spike went TWO INCHES into me (my Person 'doesn't do' centimetres) and because I'm so skinny it could have been SERIOUS if it had gone in somewhere Vital. All yesterday evening I felt weird, but I woke up this morning ready for the day, wolfed down my breakfast and then it was time for a chase. My Person keeps yelling something about The Stitches.

Marmite is very brown and her legs are quite short for a labrador. I know this because my Person had changed her mind about Marmite having puppies because her legs stopped growing - strange reason. (Anyway, she only wanted Marmite to have puppies so she could call them Bisto, Gravy, Pickle, Bovril and silly names like that).

I love Marmite. I love standing in front of the gate so she won't come through and then she cries. All I am doing is standing there and looking at her! Anyway, she only cries so she can get attention, I know that. She used to stand at the top of the steps crying, pretending she couldn't get down. She likes the Persons encouraging her down saying kind things to her like "Come on down Little Brown Dog".

The other day she pushed her luck a bit too far and cried on the top step three times. She won't do that again! Our Person walked to the top of the steps waving a saucepan and lid. (A few weeks ago Person had actually banged them together LOUDLY and very quickly we all stopped fighting in the house and ran out). Now we know that the saucepan MEANS BUSINESS.

Everyone loves Marmite. At 'Person Training' she is a Very Good Dog. She is very PLACID for a labrador, all apart from one thing that she does. For no reason at all she will jump up onto one of our Persons when they are sitting down watching TV . She then licks and licks and wags and wags her tail and they have to get cross with her to stop her.
(Me - I'm not placid).


  1. I love the brown dog names! Don't get any more just yet but it has to be remembered for any future names!


  2. Anonymous9:30 am

    Pip you are a big Tease, just like Tally. She can find the only pine cone in the whole wood that Ole wants to play with and then she runs away with it. She has longer legs than Ole so she has to wait for him to nearly catch up before she runs away again