Saturday, September 30, 2006


Yesterday He-Person dropped one of his Socks on the floor.

I took it out into our field and played with it for a while and then did Tugging with Monty the Mont, and then I brought it back. I like Socks - especially used ones. Sometimes Persons say Good Boy and give me a TREAT when I Bring Something Back. This time He-Person said BLOODY DOG he's a BLOODY NUISANCE.

I just Love FEET. I lick in between my She-Person's toes until she stops me. I like to Sleep on her Feet.

I found out a Very Interesting Thing yesterday.

ARTIST next door said he has a SUBWOOFER. I haven't heard it. I wonder whether Sue-Person-Neighbour-from-Heaven knows that Artist has a Subwoofer? Perhaps SUBwoofers don't bark and don't knock over plant pots. I'm a SUBwoofer most of the time because I only bark when I need to (My Person is a WOOFER just now).

Anyway, I think Artist only got a SUBWOOFER because of the CAT.

Does Subwoofer like Used Socks too?

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