Sunday, October 01, 2006


Today the Doorbell Rang.


My Person managed to put our new No Jumping Up Collars on. (Collars usually mean we were going OUT - maybe for a Run and Sniff and a Hunt in the Big Field). Then my Person took our Collars OFF again. It was Welsh-Person-from-Chalton who had rung the Doorbell but she didn't come in.

Today I stood out in the Thunder and Lightening but I went indoors when it rained too much. There has been lots of RAIN. Marmite likes rain. She likes Water. I don't mind it but Monty the Mont doesn't like it. Here is a picture of Marmite when she had been out in the rain. She was a puppy then.

My Person doesn't take us for Walks beside the River much. This is because Marmite always jumps straight in and sometimes she can't get out again.

Granny-Person came today, but she didn't come to see me. I LEAVE Granny-Person ALONE. (If Granny-Person had Four legs like we do instead of just Two it would be better). It's been a BORING week. I haven't been for a Run and a Hunt since I did my Wound.

I hope all the Persons and Dogs at Person Training next week can still see my Wound because they haven't seen it yet.

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