Sunday, October 29, 2006

Muntjack Deer

Sue-Person-Next-Door says it's the RUTTING Season for Deers. Sue-Person knows ALL about Nature. She knows ALL about Birds especially.

My Person found out that He-Muntjack Deers do a single loud BARK. She-Muntjacks and kids usually Squeak. They all SCREAM when Alarmed.

So I think it was an ALARMED Muntjack Deer we heard SCREAMING the other Night. Either that or a SCREECH Owl.

Here is a pictue of a She-Muntjack Deer. I look a bit like a Muntjack and I have long thin legs too. I have a long tail though. Who cuts off the Muntjack Deers' Tails, I wonder? I wouldn't have thought they worried about low tables with drinks on.

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