Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Missing Bowl

When my Person went to fetch our bowls this morning to give us our Breakfast she could only find Two. My bowl was there and so was Monty the Mont's but she just couldn't find Marmite's anywhere.

When something is MISSING she always goes to look in the field. And there it was.

I always get the blame for everything but this time Person thinks perhaps it WASN'T ME. Was it MARMITE? It happened after Tea yesterday while Person was doing Tea or Coffee with Sue-Next-Door.

Person took this photo of the BROKEN BOWL. Marmite kept trying to pick bits of it up. Monty stood back and I kept well out of the way. That's why Person thinks it MIGHT have been Marmite's fault this time.

Anyway, there is a spare metal bowl we once used for Water. Marmite won't be able to break that. (Neither will I).

1 comment:

  1. Next Door Persons1:11 pm

    Hi Pip,We understand your bowl mystery because sometimes our bowls break Very Mysteriously but we haven't found any in the field yet!