Saturday, October 14, 2006

Neighbours-From-Heaven are Coming to Dinner

Neighbours-From-Heaven are Coming to Dinner this evening.

It's not Coming to Dinner really. It should be called Coming to TALK and DRINK. They have One Dinner, then Another Dinner, and then Another and then sometimes Another. They have to WAIT a long time for their Dinners so they TALK and DRINK a lot. When I get my Dinner I WOLF it down as QUICKLY as I can (unless Monty the Mont is standing over me and I then eat Very Slowly). I don't Talk.

When Other Persons Come to Dinner I am Shut OUTSIDE with Monty the Mont and Marmite. Only when all the Dinners are finished and Persons just TALK and DRINK but don't EAT any more are we allowed INSIDE.

This time is different because Sue has had her Hip Operation (just like Robin did who is Person's friend Mary's Labrador). So Person has a Plan. She is going to make a CAGE. The Cage isn't for Sue-Person though. It's for Me, Marmite and Monty the Mont. When she lets us INSIDE, Person will shout BED at us and then she will put up the Cage around us. Anyway, that is her PLAN. Person's Plan's don't always work. (Her Plan to make me and Marmite STOP at Training didn't work did it. She has a new Plan for that now).

It is Hannawannah's Birthday today. She is She-Person's Daughter and she's Twenty-Four years old. That's about Three-and-a Half in Dog Years so she a little bit older than Monty the Mont.

Here is Hannawannah with Marmite when she was a puppy, and with Monty the Mont. You can see it was before Monty had the Operation. I had that same Operation as well (and then I had my Wound), but when this picture was taken I wasn't even born.

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  1. Hannawannah is 25 now not 24! I know Pip, it's hard to keep up with person years!