Friday, October 13, 2006

More Practice at Home needed

Well, I was NOT a Very Good Dog at Person Training yesterday. I did lots of things wrong. I got up and walked about when I was told DOWN and STAY. When I was told DOWN I didn't feel like going DOWN so I had to be Pushed DOWN.

When Person shouted STOP I didn't stop. I didn't even STOP properly when Linsey-Trainer did it and she called COME to me. I was COMING like she said, and then she stepped forward, put her hand right up in the air and VERY LOUDLY shouted STOP.

I decided to go back to She-Person instead.

So, more Practice at Home. (Persons have a PLAN).

Only one Dog did STOP properly and with NO Treats! That was Minto. Her Person is called Charles. He used a WHISTLE. I love Minto.

Even Harry who does Everything Perfectly doesn't do STOP properly. Harry's Person shouted really LOUDLY at him (just like my Person and Linsey did). I think a WHISTLE sounds much nicer than She-Persons SHOUTING.

Toby and Bella are Jack Russells. They STOPPED OK but they had a 'Treat on a Bed' to STOP for. The other dogs had a 'Treat on a Bed' and they stopped too. A Treat is More Important than COME. I would STOP for a 'Treat on a Bed'.

Anyway, I only PRETEND I don't Understand how to COME and STOP. Persons then try all funny different things to try to make me STOP and I get lots of attention. They may just have to use the 'Treat on a Bed' in the end.

Both Persons tried to make Marmite STOP but she just wasn't interested. Person says we were better before she did all that Practice at Home.

Anyway, Monty the Mont WAS a Very Good Dog. He did a FIND IT with a Toy and Brought it Back and GAVE IT to Person. He was even Very Good with the little dog who thinks he's a Big Dog. His name is Toby too and here he is:

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