Saturday, October 07, 2006

Practising at Home

Yesterday Linsey-Trainer-Person said Practise at Home.

So Person is doing Practice at Home.

We will be walking towards her and for no reason at all she shouts STOP. We are so surprised that we just stand still. Perhaps that is what STOP means - FREEZE. Anyway, this isn't confusing because she doesn't say COME before she says STOP like she did at Person Training. I don't understand how I can COME and STOP at the same time.

When Person shouts STOP Monty the Mont goes straight Down to the floor and Marmite and I just Stand to see What Happens Next. Last time Person then said SIT so we Sat (Monty the Mont didn't Sit. He was Lying Down already).

Here we are waiting for tea time. When we follow Person in with our bowls I know she will suddenly turn around and shout STOP. Monty the Mont will Drop to the floor. Marmite and I will Stand and see What Happens Next.

Anyway, we will get our tea in the end.

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