Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I did some more Digging while my Person was doing Tea or Coffee next door and it made me tired. Persons get CROSS when they see my HOLES. Because it makes them CROSS I make sure they aren't there while I'm doing my Digging.

Sometimes Monty the Mont helps me and sometimes Marmite does. We like to work on the same HOLE together. We all Love HOLES. There is always something to find in a new HOLE.

I like Digging up stones and other bits. We make lots of HOLES all over our field, but Persons keep filling them in. HOLES make He-Person VERY CROSS when he's riding on the mower cutting the grass. That BLOODY PIP's been Digging again.

I used to like Digging the HOLES that Persons had filled in Out Again. But She-Person had an idea that stopped us Digging them Out Again. When Persons now do the Turdling they put our mess in the HOLES with earth on top. I don't like these HOLES any more.

We have a lot of Molehills all along the bank and Molehills make Persons CROSS too. Persons now use these Molehills to fill up our HOLES on top of the mess.

Anyway, I know I am doing a Very Useful Thing really by giving Persons somewhere to put our Mess and somewhere to put the Molehills. And He-Person then doesn't have to keep getting off his Mower when he's riding around the field cutting grass.

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