Thursday, October 05, 2006

Run Sniff Chase Hunt

Yesterday Persons took us in the car to the Big Field. This is our first Run Sniff Chase Hunt since I did my Wound.

First we always run off as quickly as we can to sniff where the rabbits live. I always get there first, followed by Monty the Mont and then Marmite who has short legs.

Monty the Mont is always WORRIED. He wants to be with Us and he also wants to be with Persons. Because Persons get left behind he can't be with us all so he runs backwards and forwards all the time.

Persons don't do Running Chasing and Rabbits. They just Walk. (Persons are doing sniffing just now, but it isn't proper Sniffing).

I always have to be in front. When Marmite goes off by herself I get in front of her and try to stop her but she takes no notice of me. She runs along with her nose on the ground and all you can see is her tail. She doesn't look where she's going at all.

I'm a SIGHT HOUND so I do look where I'm going. I'm so fast I can run all over the place Exploring in the Woods at the edge of the field, and I still get back to the Front. I can also LEAP over things and LEAP through the long grass. Monty the Mont can't Leap as high as I can. Marmite can't Leap at all.

Monty can run quite fast. He follows me mostly - when he's not WORRIED and running back to check up that Persons are still there. Here is a picture of Monty the Mont looking WORRIED.

It's TRAINING today and I can show everyone my Wound (or where it was anyway). Shall I be a Very Good Dog do you think? Is Marmite going to be SLOW or VERY SLOW? Is Monty the Mont going to be On The Defensive and will Person have to shake the Bottle With Stones at him, I wonder.

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  1. Artist Next Door1:08 pm

    Hi Pip,I don't think you are quite right when you say Marmite can't leap at all.She is Very Good at Suddenly Leaping onto Persons' laps when they don't expect it and Leaping up to lick their faces when they bend down!