Thursday, October 26, 2006

Flaming Marmite

I have been That BLOODY PIP again. While Person was doing Tea or Coffee with Sue-Person next door I pulled bits off the baby olive tree so now it has a cage around it. (He-Person calles Marmite That FLAMING MARMITE when she keeps asking to go OUT then IN then OUT then IN making her Grimbling noise to go out and little yaps to come back in. He-Person calls Monty the Mont MONTY. Not Bloody Monty or Flaming Monty. Monty is his favourite, you see).

Person is going on a Course very soon. It is called a Canine Communication Course and is run by someone called Jan Fennell who does DOG LISTENING. It's because I am really a WOLF and I must be UNDERSTOOD better. So must Marmite and so must Monty the Mont. I like the sound of that.

Person will then UNDERSTAND that I don't want to do DOWN sometimes. She will UNDERSTAND that Digging is GOOD.

We have Person Training today. We have been Practising at Home. We have had lots of Treats.

PS. I haven't told you about my Wound for a long time. My hair has nearly grown all around it but there is a SCAR left to see.

PS. Mary-Contrary-Person's Dog called Nellie the Collie who lives with Robin the Golden Labrador is still not very well. She had an Operation. She is a Very Old Dog.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Pip,

    I am very upset that you have been attacking the olive plant! I gave that to she person as a present!

    You must not eat the plants!

    From hannawannah