Saturday, October 21, 2006

Person Training Classes

Here is Monty the Mont being a Good Dog at Person Training. That's Linsey-Trainer in the Middle.

This is the Bottom Class. I'm not in the Bottom Class because I go to the Middle Class with Marmite. We have passed our Bronze AND our Silver tests. Monty the Mont hasn't even passed Bronze yet.

Monty the Mont will have another go at the Bronze very soon. He will be a Good Boy with the other dogs this time and not be On the Defensive. Person says he will catch us up very soon because he is BEST at doing all the Things.

You can see Toby the Little Dog who thinks he's a Big Dog and Gina who is a German Shepherd and exactly the same age as me. You can see a little bit of Pippa who is a Rescue Dog like I am.

We will be Practising at Home again today. I will get Treats. I will be very CONFUSED.

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  1. Mary Person7:16 pm

    Hi Pip I am your she persons friend -Mary - 'The Contrary One'she calls me but you know me as leader of another pack! I n our pack we have Robin dog who is 11, most handsome labrador in the world!! Then their is Nellie the Border Collie who is 14 and has just had a big operation but is better than ever and now thinks she is a spring chicken. Then there is madcap Spike the little spaniel who belongs to 'adopted' son and daughter-in-law. He is very funny with floppy ears and legs at all four corners, he has two speeds very fast and fast asleep! No time to talk about your exploits now as Robin and Nellie are quite sure that I have forgotten that it is DINNER time.But I will be back!!