Friday, October 27, 2006


Marmite was OUTSIDE for a long time by Herself.

She had found the Grapes and she had eaten all the ones on the ground. She couldn't Reach the Grapes that hadn't dropped on the ground because her Legs are too Short.

Monty the Mont could Reach the Grapes because he is taller. He likes Grapes too.

I don't like Grapes. But I can reach HIGHER. I can pull off twigs with Grapes and drop them on the ground for Marmite and Monty the Mont.


(Perhaps when Person has done her Canine Communication Course she will UNDERSTAND that it's NATURAL for Dogs to pull bits off plants and trees. Like I did with the little Olive Tree yesterday).

At last Linsey-Trainer let us do STOPs at Person Training yesterday. I did STOP Perfectly. Marmite was OK but not as good as me. She doesn't wait for the COME because she knows there might be a Treat on the Bed where she has to STOP.

Monty the Mont didn't do STOP because he his still in the Bottom Class. He was a Very Very Good Dog last week doing everything off lead, but he was NOT a Very Good Dog yesterday. There were more other dogs in his Class and there was a new puppy. It made him Prance About and Not Concentrate.

Anyway, next week we are MOVING UP CLASSES. I shall go into the very TOP CLASS!

Monty the Mont and Marmite will go into the Middle Class together. But Monty keeps trying to go to talk to Marmite. When Marmite is in the same Class as me I IGNORE her. Marmite takes No Notice of Monty the Mont. Marmite takes No Notice of me. Marmite doesn't take much Notice of anything, really.

Will Minto come to the Top Class with me? Minto is a Very Good Dog at Training. Except when she's off lead when she comes to see me and she lies on her back. I love Minto. Person says she is Wanton.

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