Sunday, October 15, 2006

Very Good Dogs

What GOOD DOGS we were when Neighbours-From-Heaven Came to Dinner!

We stayed OUTSIDE. We played in the field a bit. We lay in our Big Outside Kennel for a bit. We lay down outside the door for a bit. I did Try to ask to Come IN, using the sad little noise that usually works. It didn't work this time though. Monty the Mont gave just two of his little short high barks that usually get him IN but that didn't work either. Marmite couldn't be bothered. She quite likes lying down outside listening to the Night Noises. If the black and white Cat had come into our garden it would have had a Surprise to find us out there.

So, we were quiet. He-Person took a risk. He left his shoes outside but I didn't take them into the Field to Chew. (She-Person thinks she will find out something naughty that I did later).

Her PLAN for us to LEAVE Neighbour-People and not to jump all around them worked. When Persons had finished all their Eating (they were still Talking and Drinking though) they let us INSIDE and we went straight to our beds under her desk and they put the cage around us. We were very quiet and very good. Usually Sue-Person and Artist give us Cuddles when they come to our house, but that was before Sue-Person's Operation. Monty-the-Mont had Cuddles after his Operation. I had Cuddles after my Operation. I had Cuddles when I did my Wound. Marmite had an Operation too and she also had Cuddles.

Anyway, I made two of my little quiet sad noises but nobody took any notice of me.


  1. Ahh Pip, I send you all big cuddles!! They will be Wiltshire smelling cuddles, which I think you would like! As they might smell of things such as horses and sheep, and maybe even rabbits!

  2. Artist Neighbour1:17 pm

    Hi Pip,It's very difficult to do cuddles when you're Drinking because you might Spill.Your Person did this when she last came for tea or coffee even without cuddling.It doesn't matter though because we are not Sight Dogs like you, so we can't see it.(We can't even smell it)