Monday, October 23, 2006

Training at Home and Treat

More Practice at Home. Person has GIVEN IN. She is now doing 'TREAT on a Bed' like the other dogs do. She takes me OUTSIDE by Myself to do this.


She then shuts me INSIDE and tries to get Marmite out by Herself. I don't like this because if anybody is going OUTSIDE I have to be there as well, IN FRONT.

Marmite finds it all very CONFUSING too. All she is thinking of is the Treat. She has to Start All Over Again. Monty the Mont doesn't find it CONFUSING. When he finishes his Prancing About he is a Very Good Dog at both AWAYs and STOPs.

We went for a RUN HUNT CHASE SNIFF in the Big Field yesterday. Person says we GUSH out of the car when we get there.

Across the Field I saw a HORSE with a Person sitting on it - I saw it first because I am a SIGHT Hound. Marmite came with me. My Persons called us back very LOUDLY but I nearly didn't COME. I wanted to say Hello to the Horse. She Person called PIP PIP PIP PIP PIP so I though I had better go back to her. She gave me lots of FUSS. Marmite saw me COME Back so she Came Back too - SLOWLY. Monty the Mont had already been with Persons. He had been checking that they were Still There so he didn't have to COME Back.

Marmite is making Person CROSS just now. She keeps asking to go OUTSIDE and then she makes her Funny Little Noise to come back INSIDE. Persons call Marmite's Funny Little Noise 'GRIMBLING'. Person has just shouted NO MORE at her so she has gone to her BED. Monty and I are playing quietly. If we make too much noise we will go OUTSIDE then we will want INSIDE and then person will have to get CROSS with us all.

Person has just shouted OUT at me and Monty the Mont. Marmite is OUTSIDE again.

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