Friday, October 06, 2006

I was a Quite Good Dog at Training

Well, I was a Quite Good Dog at Training. I saw all my friends and had a quick kiss with Minto whenever she walked past me.

Linsey-Trainer-Person was Very Interested in my Wound. Poor Linsey was sick when she came back from holiday. When I'm sick Person chases me OUTSIDE.

Monty the Mont is in the Bottom Class until he passes his Bronze Good Citizen Test. Today Monty the Mont was a Very Good Dog (for Monty). She-Person Handler only had to use her Bottle With Stones once, at the very beginning. This is because of a very noisy Staffie who jumps about and makes a lot of noise which gets Monty all excited, and a very little dog called Toby who thinks he's a very big dog and he EYEBALLS Monty the Mont looking right In his Eyes. Monty was On the Defensive just for a moment.

Marmite and I are in the Middle Class because we have passed both our Bronze and Silver Tests. I don't EYEBALL other dogs and neither does Marmite.

We are learning to do a very confusing thing. She-Person Handler says SIT and WAIT. She walks away. Then she turns to me and says COME so I start to Come and she SUDDENLY Shouts STOP. But I have been told to COME. Person gets CROSS when she says COME and I Don't Come. We try again. This time she shouts STOP so I think this time I will try something else. So I SIT instead. I am then a Very Good Dog and I get a treat.

So, does COME mean Come, or does COME only sometimes mean Come. Does COME sometimes mean SIT? Linsey says we must Practise at Home.

Marmite was a Quite Good Dog too but she kept Coming when He-Person Handler shouted STOP. She did Stop the next time, but that was only to have a Sniff. She likes to sniff the floor for treats other dogs have dropped while she walks round the room (I found a bit of cheese yesterday). Marmite loves all the other dogs and they love her.

Here I am asleep on Person's legs. It has been a Busy Day.

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