Tuesday, October 24, 2006


When Person was doing Tea or Coffee at Sue-Person-Neighbour-From-Heaven's yesterday, we worked on a Big New HOLE. He-Person found it. That BLOODY PIP has been DIGGING again.

Our new HOLE is in the corner of our field, by the fence. On the other side of our fence is a Cycle Track. This is where Trains once used to go. Not only Persons on Cycles go on it. People RUN there (I love Running), and people who WALK as well - and LOTS of DOGS. We always BARK at the Dogs to let them know that this is OUR TERRITORY. Monty the Mont BARKS the most.

Here is a picture of me on the table, HIGH UP. I can SEE right down the Cycle Track from here. I can see Persons and DOGS. I am a SIGHT Hound.

We have tried to DIG OUT under the fence before. Persons don't always find our HOLES. Once we did DIG OUT. Marmite squeezed through the HOLE because she has short legs. She went for a Walk and Sniff down the Cycle Track by herself. I squeezed through the HOLE because I'm Skinny. I explored the Farmer's Field but thought I'd better not go away too far. Monty the Mont didn't GET OUT. He was too big for our HOLE.

Today Monty the Mont is LIMPING. He has a Sore Front Paw. I know how he got that sore Front Paw! DIGGING. (I haven't got a Sore Front Paw).

Person has covered our HOLE now and says she will put Concrete in it today. Person likes Concrete.

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  1. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Hi Pip

    This is the contrary one. DIGGING to get out and explore without persons is BAD Who encouraged the Mont to DIG and hurt his foot so much? so He person knew who was doing the DIGGING.
    Nellie who had the big operation had to go to the vets again last nigh very quickly but Farah was not there. We did not like the news that the other vet gave us but Nellie came home again and seems ok for the time being! She still thinks she is a spring chicken so we are not going to explain too much to her at the moment.