Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This and That

I wonder whether David Blunkett might like to borrow Monty the Mont if Sadie wants a rest? Sadie walks a little IN FRONT to Lead David Blunkett to stop him bumping into things. Monty the Mont might Lead him into a Lamp Post or a Tree. Sometimes Monty the Mont PULLS. And he likes to have a SNIFF. If Monty the Mont meets another Dog he might Go On the Defensive. David Blunkett might not know what to do then.

Here is a picture of me Eating my Tea yesterday. Very Very SLOWLY. I always eat Very Very Slowly when Monty the Mont is watching me.

Persons have been Practising STOP at Home.

She-Person's PLAN-A didn't work. She called COME and when she shouted STOP He-Person Jumped Out and grabbed me and made me SIT. I didn't like that! I just didn't COME at all any more. Neither did Marmite or Monty the Mont.

This is She-Person's PLAN-B. She gives us lots of WAIT COME STOP SIT WAIT COME STOP COME STOP SIT by herself...and she is giving us TREATS. It is still Very CONFUSING but I don't mind because I get a TREAT. Marmite is the best at STOP. This is because she is always SLOW anyway. She likes STOP and SIT and especially she likes the TREAT.

When Monty the Mont has finished his Prancing About and Getting Excited he is then a Good Dog because he does WAIT COME STOP SIT nicely for the TREAT.

I hope I get Very Good at WAIT COME STOP SIT WAIT COME STOP SIT by Thursday so that Linsey-Trainer says I'm a Good and Clever Dog.

Person says I still have to learn to STOP SOONER. Person says I still have to learn to STOP without TREATS.


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