Saturday, October 28, 2006


Yesterday a CORGI Man went next door to see Neighbours-from-Heaven because they smelt Gas. His CORGI must be a SNIFFER DOG. Perhaps Corgis have their tails cut off so that they don't knock things off low tables when they are Sniffing for Gas. They would be very Low tables because Corgis have very Short Legs.

I'm a SIGHT HOUND but I'm also a very good SCENT HOUND. I could be a good SNIFFER DOG and Sniff Out Gas. Perhaps they didn't ask me to SNIFF OUT their Gas because of my long TAIL. I have Long legs.

This picture is OUTSIDE. Our field is out the back through the gate.

In the Middle of the Night I heard a SPOOKY NOISE coming from the farmer's field. I BARKED Very Loudly and so did Monty the Mont. We BARKED for a long time.

Marmite BARKED for a little while then she went back to bed and left it to us.

We didn't know what the SPOOKY NOISE was. Person tried to tell us it was only a little Muntjack Deer calling another little Muntjack Deer, but we didn't believe her. I couldn't stop BARKING. Neither could Monty the Mont.

Muntjack Deers are also called BARKING Deers. It didn't sound at all like BARKING to me. It sounded like a SCREEEEEAM.


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  1. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Hi Pip

    This is the so called 'contrary' one again. Spooky or what! You think you have trouble Eh! with those MUNTJAC deer. Spike and Robin have trouble with BARKING FOXES, Nellie doesn't hear them so she just sleeps on oblivious. Spike and Robin like to make a tour of inspection of OUTSIDE at 4:30 in the morning just to try and impress their persons. This she person and Spikes she person are not really impressed and would prefer to be like Nellie and sleep on oblivious to all or lay back and pretend that it is not happening like all the he persons!!