Sunday, October 08, 2006

Foam Blowing in the Wind

Not much Happened yesterday. Marmite and Monty the Mont didn't want to play much.

So while Person was doing Tea or Coffee with Sue-Person next door, I dragged my kennel bed into the field and took lots of foam stuff out of it. It was fun but Person wasn't pleased when she found all the bits of foam blowing around the field this morning. She's never really Cross unless she Catches me In The Act so I knew I would be OK. He-Person is different. He will be very CROSS when he sees it and say IT'S THAT BLOODY PIP AGAIN.

Because He-Person gets VERY CROSS when I take the stuffing out of things and it blows all over the field, She-Person often quickly Clears it Away. She hasn't Cleared it Away this time.

We are still practising STOP and we're getting really good at it. Except for Monty the Mont because he doesn't just STOP, he drops straight down onto the floor too. Person can't make him just STOP and FREEZE - yet.

Person took a photo of the back of our house. Here it is.

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