Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Person Training Tomorrow

It's Person Training tomorrow (DOG Training ha ha). I can't wait. All the Dogs and the Persons will still be able to see where my Wound was. They call Persons HANDLERS at Training.

Marmite has found a new way of being annoying this morning.

She asked to go OUT. Person let her OUT and of course I was quickly there and OUT in front of her. Monty the Mont was asleep under Person's desk as usual. Then Marmite asked to come back IN. Person opened the door and Marmite just sat there looking up at her (I come IN). First time Marmite did this Person bent down and said "Come On In Little Brown Dog". Marmite liked that.

She asked to go OUT again and then made her funny noise she makes when she wants to come IN. This time she just Sat There. This time Person Shut the Door.

Next time Marmite made her funny noise and the door was opened she came IN straight away!

This is what Marmite looks like when she is being STUBBORN.

Monty the Mont just stayed asleep under Person's desk.

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