Tuesday, October 10, 2006


We had a friend from Training called Emma who has gone to live in Ireland and she's a Boxer. She doesn't have a Tail. I think it was Cut Off when she was a puppy. I'm glad I didn't have my Tail Cut Off when I was a puppy. I can wag it in all sorts of different ways - just a little bit at the end when I'm not sure of something or I can wag all my body as well when I bring a toy to Persons and I want them to play with me. I wag it rather slowly when I've done something naughty and I think they are going to be CROSS. Like when I took my bed into the field the other day.

I have a long curly Tail with a little twist of hair on the end. It's so long it can touch the floor when I make it straight. Monty the Mont's Tail droops a bit but Marmite wags her Tail all the time. She has a shortish Tail and it's usually sticks straight up.

For some reason when I walk past a low table with drinks on it Persons shout TAIL. LOUDLY.

A Tail is just another thing to have THINK ABOUT all the time. Perhaps some dogs have their Tails cut off when they are puppies to give them less to THINK ABOUT. Perhaps it makes them better at Training if they don't have to THINK ABOUT Tails as well as everything else. But dogs at Training like Emma and a Wiemerana whose name I don't know, they aren't better at Training then me and I have a long Tail.

Artist next door took a picture of Marmite chasing the tractor the other side of our fence. You can see her straight tail.

Anyway, Persons don't have Tails to THINK ABOUT. They sometimes THINK ABOUT mine (and Monty the Mont's and Marmite's). Especially when we are near the low table with drinks on it.

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