Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ghost Train

She-Person's Third-Born is called Paul. I've not told you about Paul yet because Paul is NOT FOND of Dogs. He's not even FOND of me! I like Paul though. I don't Bite him. I never Bite Persons. Nor does Monty the Mont and nor does Marmite.

We are all FOND of Persons.

Paul is Very Clever. He is an IT Consultant. My Person says IT is INFORMATION Technology.

I receive INFORMATION by SNIFFING, and I leave INFORMATION for other Dogs so they can SNIFF about me. When I leave INFORMATION in the field, Monty the Mont leaves some INFORMATION in the same place, and so does Marmite. We all leave lots of INFORMATION when we are out on a Walk or a Run in the Big Field.

I can do INFORMATION without Technology. So can Monty the Mont and so can Marmite. Perhaps INFORMATION is what Person will be finding out on her Canine Communication Course.

We live in an Old Train Station. A long time ago Trains used to Stop OUTSIDE. Persons got On and Off Trains. I know what Trains are because, sometimes, on a Dark and Windy Night a GHOST TRAIN passes through. It leaves INFORMATION. It leaves a Sooty smell behind.


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