Thursday, October 19, 2006


We did Practice of STOP this morning.

Will we be Good Dogs for Linsey-Trainer this afternoon?

Linsey CALLED OUR BLUFF. She didn't do STOPs at all! She did AWAYs instead. We had to go AWAY instead of COME. We then had to go DOWN instead of STOP.

Nearly all the other dogs were better than me and Marmite. Especially Minto (I love Minto) and Harry who does Everything Perfectly. Bella and Toby who are Jack Russells were Very Good too even though they don't like DOWN much (neither do I).

Marmite was Very SLOW and kept sniffing bits on the floor. I pretended I had forgotten what DOWN means. I was a Good Dog though when Linsey passed Person a Smelly Bacon Chew right in front of my nose and I had to LEAVE IT. (Person tasted it and said it was too salty).

Monty the Mont was a Very Very Good Dog. There were only three dogs in his class this week so he wasn't On the Defensive at all. He did nearly everything without his lead and he walked nicely to HEEL. Person was Very VERY Pleased with Monty.

I think I might have been better without Practice. And Marmite.

We went to the Seaside in the Summer. Here is a picture.

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  1. Artist person next door6:17 pm

    Hi Pip, Bad luck about the training, but it was a Good Thing that you didn't eat the salty bacon treat, because a nice goverment person says salt is a Bad Thing.