Sunday, October 29, 2006


Rosalie-Person-from-Wales came with Graham-Person to Eat Talk Drink Talk Eat Drink yesterday evening. We stayed OUTSIDE. We were Very Good Dogs. I never cried to Come IN. Marmite never made her funny little noise to Come IN. Monty the Mont never did his high Yap to Come IN. This is because Person gave us each a BIG BONE to Keep us Quiet. We Kept Quiet for FOUR hours.

This Morning we had to wait a Long Time before we could get our BONES again. We had to stay in Bed. We got up LATE. Breakfast was LATE. Persons got up LATE. Today is a LONGER Day than other Days are.

This is because The CLOCKS WENT BACK. Where The Clocks Went Back TO I don't know.

They must need that Extra Hour to get all those CLOCKS BACK. Our Clocks haven't GONE BACK anywhere yet.

Life is CONFUSING sometimes.

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