Friday, October 20, 2006


Ruth is Person's Second Born. Ruth lives near San Francisco and she goes on lots of Hikes. I would LOVE HIKES. This is a picture of where she lives. She is on a HIKE and the little winding path in the distance is the way back to her home. She has HIKED all that way. I could Hunt, Run and Chase if I was there with Ruth. (Person doesn't HIKE - she WALKS).

Ruth's HIKE starts off on a trail called Big Dog. It leads up a Mountain. Ruth doesn't find it Hard to Breathe. She is very FIT. So is Sarah Bear. And so am I.

Person isn't FIT and nor is Marmite. Monty the Mont is quite FIT. I think we should all go on HIKES with Ruth. Person says we would have to go on a plane to get there which would mean being Shut in a Cage for a long long time. Just like at the Vet's when I did my Wound.

Both Sarah Bear and Ruth are sort of Artists. We have an Artist next door as well.

I think Person is going to have a rest from Training today. She is Going Out for Lunch with Mary who has Robin the Golden Labrador who had the Hip Operation like Sue-Person-Next-Door. Mary also has a Collie called Nellie. Nellie is very old. She has just had a Tummy Operation at my Vet's where I went with my Wound. I wonder whether Farah got her all Excited and gave her Treats?

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