Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sarah Bear

Sarah-Bear is Person's daughter and she is the First Born. She has just come back from Walking the Inca Trail. It wasn't like WALKS that I go on. It was Mountains and Ruins. She says it was So High Up that it was Hard to Breathe and one Person had Altitude Sickness and had to go home.

I would like a WALK on the Inca Trail. I wouldn't get Altitude Sickness and my Wound is nearly gone now.

I like being High Up. If I stand on the bench at the end of our garden I am High Up. I don't find it Hard to Breathe. I can look out over the fields. I can see a LONG WAY because I am a SIGHT HOUND. There is a Pheasant in the Far Field but I can't get out to chase it.

Person's Second Born is Ruth. Ruth does a lot of Walking too - she calls it Hiking. Person doesn't seem to do Hiking. I shall tell you about Ruth soon.

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