Monday, October 16, 2006

David Blunkett's Black Labrador

I heard Persons talking when Neighbours came to Dinner. They were saying that some She-Persons are ALL Covered Up when they go Out - with just a tiny hole to see out of. Nobody can see who is UNDERNEATH so they all look the SAME. (When I go Out for Walks I want all the Persons and Dogs to SEE me so I can say HELLO. I need to be able to Run, Sniff, Chase, Drink and Hunt).

A man called David Blunkett has written a book. He Can't See because he's Blind. David Blunkett has a black Labrador that looks like Monty the Mont (and who looks much the SAME as other black Labradors). She's a Bitch and her name is Sadie and she is a Guide Dog who stops David Blunkett who Can't See from bumping into things. Sadie could tell Who's UNDERNEATH Persons who are ALL covered in Black because she can USE HER NOSE.

She-Persons who are ALL Covered are the SAME as She-Persons who are NOT COVERED At All to David Blunkett - because he can't see anyway!

I am a SIGHT HOUND but I'm also a very good SCENT HOUND. Dogs like me could find out WHO is UNDERNEATH Persons who are ALL covered in Black. I would USE MY NOSE.

I hope Dog-Bitches won't have to go OUT for Walks ALL Covered Up with just Eyes and Feet showing. Marmite wouldn't like that.

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