Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pip the Movie - 1

Yesterday we had some Bad News. There is no Training today. Linsey-Trainer-Person is Coughing and BARKING. Linsey can Stop Dogs Barking so she should be able to Stop herself from Barking too.

This means I won't be seeing Minto.

My She-Person was OUT a lot yesterday. She went Out to Lunch with Joy-Person, then she went OUT to do Jobs for Granny-Person. She was OUT All Evening at a MEETING. When she Came Home she discovered we had been Playing INSIDE and we are only allowed to Play OUTSIDE. The rugs were messed up. He-Person had fallen asleep and even our PLAYING didn't wake him.

She-Person's MEETING was about Video Emails. Person says these Video Emails are Perfect for me because I can't Read or Write. I can SEE and HEAR. I am a SIGHT HOUND with Very Good HEARING.

I can't TALK but I can BARK. So can Monty The Mont and so can Marmite. We BARK at the black and white CAT.

I don't understand Emails. I certainly don't understand Video Emails. It's very CONFUSING when I hear us BARKING inside the computer box. Perhaps She-Person will Train us about Video Emails with TREATS.

Anyway, here is a special VIDEO EMAIL of ME! I am with Monty the Mont and Marmite and we are BARKING at the black and white Cat who is sitting STARING at us in the trees. Then I am in my favourite LOOK-OUT place.

Click Here for Pip, the Movie - 1

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