Tuesday, November 21, 2006

On the Sofa

Person may be pretending to be an Alpha Wolf, but she still lets us Sleep on the Sofas. So far. Perhaps Dog Listeners do sometimes Listen to Dogs. Especially when Dogs are saying that they like to Sleep on Sofas.

Monty the Mont and Marmite sleep on one Sofa and I sleep at the end of the other Sofa.

Hannawannah is still home because an Orange Light came on in her Car. Dogs don't have an Orange Light that comes one when they are not well. Hannawannah's Car has Gone Away to a place where they Fix Cars, just like I Went Away when I did my Wound and my Vet Fixed Me.

So when Hannawannah is on a Sofa, and when He-Person is on a Sofa and when my Person is on a Sofa too there is no longer room for all three of us, and so Monty the Mont pinches my place.

I was very tired yesterday evening. I tried sleeping on my proper bed but I wanted my Sofa place back. So I asked Monty the Mont to get off. I lay on the floor and stared at him for a long time. He pretended to take no notice. I then made my sad little noises. He opened his eyes but didn't look at me. I stood up and I crouched and made louder sad noises. He IGNORED me. Last time when he pinched my place on the Sofa I bit his nose, but he still didn't move.

This time Person made a space for me between her and Monty the Mont and I wriggled in. I carried on wriggling until he got off and went into his own proper bed.

I hope Person will continue to Listen to her Dogs when they tell her that they NEED to Sleep on Sofas.

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