Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Morbidly Obese, and Hugely and Grossly Overweight

Today in the News there's a Chololate Labrador called Rusty. Rusty is in the News because he is MORBIDLY OBESE.

An RSPCA inspector found Rusty to be HUGELY and GROSSLY overweight so he was Taken Away from his Persons in a Van. That will have made poor Rusty very Sad. My Person feeds Marmite less than she feeds me because Marmite Loves Eating. Marmite could easily get HUGELY and GROSSLY Overwight. I couldn't easily get HUGELY and GROSSLY Overweight because I Eat more than Marmite and I'm always Skinny.

Poor Rusty couldn't Walk even a few steps before having to Sit and he Collapsed if he was Standing for more than a minute or two.


Person gives Marmite Less to Eat than she gives me. I wouldn't want Marmite to be Taken Away in a Van. Nor would Monty the Mont. And it would make Marmite very Sad.

Anyway, here is Marmite and I love Marmite just the way she is and Monty the Mont loves Marmite just the way she is. Persons love Marmite just the way she is too. Marmite isn't OBESE, she just has Short Legs.

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