Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bonfire Night and Walking on Fire

Person was OUT all day yesterday. She came back Very Late.

Here I am with Monty the Mont under Person's desk this morning. Person must have missed me because she's let me have my tennis ball and we're Not Allowed Toys in the House.

It is BONFIRE NIGHT and Persons Burn GUYS on Bonfires.

She-Person WALKED on FIRE last night. No - really.


Last night there was FLASHING and WHIZZING and BANGING an BURNING smells all around. I didn't like it much. Monty the Mont didn't like it at all. Marmite just slept on the sofa all the time next to He-Person who looked after us. Person-Next-Door-Other-Side is called GUY but they didn't Burn him because I saw him this morning.

400 years ago (that's 2,800 years in Dog Years), a Guy Fawkes Person was Hanged, Drawn and Quartered. His head was placed on a Spike on London Bridge. He was never Burnt on a Bonfire though. Burning might be quicker than being Hanged Drawn and Quartered and your head placed on a Spike.

Person says the FIRE WALK was like a long barbeque of Hot Coals. I wouldn't walk over a long barbeque of Hot Coals. Cooked Dog - NO thank you. Anyway, Person didn't become Cooked Person because she's Home now. Her feet didn't feel anything at all. WEIRD.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Hi PIP

    It is the contrary one again!

    You never want to become a HOT DOG!
    Robin and Nellie are both deaf now so they didn't woory about whizzes and bangs just enjoyed being warm and cozy.

    She persons feet will never be the same again OR perhaps she will never be the same again!!