Thursday, November 16, 2006


It Rained all night. it's Raining again today.

Person is still doing Dog Listening on us. STRANGE. Anyway, we are Happy Dogs. Even Monty the Mont is Quite Happy as you can see.

I had so much to tell you about Person going away to do Wolves and Dog Listening, that I forgot to tell you that she went to London to see Luke and Lovely Louise. Luke is Person's Fourth-Born and Lovely Louise is having a Baby. I told you before how they looked inside her and told her it was a Girl Baby.

It takes NINE Months for Persons to make Baby Persons, and after all that time they can't even Walk! Not for about a YEAR. Persons usually only have one Baby at a time. It only took my mum TWO Months to make me and I could Walk almost straight away! There were about seven babies inside my mum with me.

If Dogs can make Seven Babies in two months, but Persons only make One Baby in 9 months, that means there must be lot more Dogs than Persons in the world. I wonder where they all are.

Luke and Lovely Louise live in a Flat. It isn't really Flat, it's Tall. There are lots of stone steps to go up to get into their Flat.

The Flat is near a place called Spittalfields. I think I would like Spittalfields - but not if it's Raining.

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