Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bye Bye Harry

I have just come home from Person Training (Dog Training ha ha).

I am sad because I am never going to see Harry-Who's-Very-Clever ever again. He said Goodbye to us for EVER because his Persons are moving house. Here is a picture of Harry.

I was a Very Good Dog at Training. Better than I have ever been. I was in the Top Class and did some new things. Perfectly. There were lots of new Dogs I had never met before. Even when Big Dogs Growled at each other it was OK. Person took no notice and she's my Alpha Wolf, so I took no notice either.

Marmite was a Very Good Dog at Training. Better at Training than she had ever been before too. She even moved Faster than Very Slow!

Don't tell Linsey-Trainer-Person but we had done NO Practice at Home for Three Weeks.

Person says since she started learning Dog Listening and being an Alpha Wolf it has made a Big Difference to me at home and a Big Difference to Marmite at home. It has only made a Little Difference to Monty the Mont - SO FAR.

Monty the Mont was NOT a Relaxed and Happy Dog at Training. He was a Worried Dog. He was Worried that Person might not really be an Alpha Wolf, so he was TESTING her even more than usual. Person gave up and put him out in the car.

Person says Monty the Mont ISN’T READY yet.

All the Dogs and all the Persons are having a Christmas PARTY soon with Linsey-Trainer-Person. Will Monty the Mont have to Stay in the Car? Monty the Mont Barks and Barks if he is left in the car all by himself. Monty the Mont still PANICS when he is left anywhere all by himself.

Anyway, I am Very Good at being a Relaxed and Happy Dog.

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