Friday, November 24, 2006

Monty's Getting The Message

I think Monty the Mont is beginning to GET THE MESSAGE in spite of Yesterday.

Yesterday at Person Training Monty the Mont was Not a Relaxed and Happy Dog.

He BARKED at Person when he was doing SIT STAY. He got up and Followed her each time when he should have been doing DOWN STAY with Person Out of Sight.

After that Monty the Mont went On the Defensive with a very little dog called Jack. Person then put Monty the Mont back in the Car.

Person felt Sad. She hoped Monty the Mont now realised she was his Alpha Wolf like Marmite and I do. But he needs MORE TIME and More Dog Listening.

Anyway, something DID happen with Monty the Mont this morning. And it was VERY DIFFERENT.

Always when Person goes out of the room Monty the Mont has to Follow her to the Door. Even if he's fast asleep he quickly Wakes Up to get to the Door before Person leaves the room.

But VERY STRANGE. This morning Person has been in and out of the room LOTS of times and Monty the Mont hasn't Followed her to the Door once! He just stayed Relaxing in his Bed. This has never happened before. (Once, after Magic had died and before Marmite came, Person Practised going IN and OUT of the room every five minutes for a Whole Day so that Monty the Mont would understand that she ALWAYS came back, but he still Followed her to the Door each time and Cried until she came back in).

I have GOT THE MESSAGE that Persons are Alpha Wolves. Marmite has GOT THE MESSAGE. Alpha Wolves are Responsible. Alpha Wolves Look After the Pack. Alpha Wolves make all the Decisions. Alpha Wolves can Come and Go as they please. Alpha Wolves do all the Worrying, not us. We can just Relax and Enjoy Life.

So, Perhaps Monty the Mont is GETTING THE MESSAGE. It will take a little bit longer, that's all.

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