Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dog Listener

There is no Dog Training (Person Training) Class this week so I shan't see Minto. Meanwhile Person is practising being a Dog Listener.

We are not going Out for any Walks or Runs or Hunts or Sniffs or Classes until we know who is really Leader of the Pack and until we have Got THE MESSAGE in our own territory.

This is the third day after Person did Dog Listening. Person is doing STRANGE things. We are Getting THE MESSAGE.

Person eats before we do while we watch her. She calls this 'Gesture Eating'.

Person goes through the door to OUTSIDE first when she sends us OUT. She only lets us IN when I am not jumping on the door making my sad noises, and when Monty the Mont isn't crashing against the door squeeking, and when Marmite isn't giving her little barks. Person lets us all IN together when Person feels like it.

I don't have to WORRY about anything.

Even Monty the Mont is Happy to Play with us in the Field. He doesn't WORRY so much about going back to Look After the Persons. They can Look After themselves. They can Look After us.

Dog Listeners use very Kind Voices. No Cross Voices. No Shouting. Everything is Very CALM in the house. Even Monty the Mont is more CALM.

I don't need to Jump Up any more. Marmite doesn't need to Jump Up any more. Monty the Mont still Prances and Jumps Up sometimes. When Monty the Mont Jumps Up and Prances Person turns her back on him and IGNORES him. She then calls her to him and if he doesn't Jump Up she makes a big fuss of him. If he Jumps Up she IGNORES him again.

Monty the Mont is beginning to Get THE MESSAGE too.

Anyway, He-Person is happy because Marmite doesn't Jump onto him any more when he is sitting on the sofa trying to watch Sport on TV, to Lick and Lick and Wag and Wag her tail.

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